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Aspects to Consider Before the Installation of a Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

A Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub may seem like the ideal bathroom feature for anybody who loves lounging in warm water at the end of a long workday. When people are trying to decide whether to include this item in their bathroom remodeling project, they must consider the various characteristics of the tub first. That makes sure they will be fully satisfied with their choice.

The Appeal of the Clawfoot Tub

These tubs are appealing because the large size makes them exceptionally comfortable. The design brings to mind relaxation, perhaps with candles and soft music playing. The style is timeless and classic, associated with beautiful old homes. These are the main reasons homeowners decide to buy an iron clawfoot tub to replace the current model.

Weight Considerations

The first consideration is whether the floor can support the remarkably heavy weight of a cast iron tub. In addition, replacing a built-in tub with a larger model likely means more gallons of water inside, adding to the weight. First floor bathrooms typically can support the weight unless the home is quite old. Bathrooms located upstairs may not be able to.

Showering Aspects

The second is the amount of space available in the room. Is there room for a shower outside of the tub? A standalone bathtub can, technically, have a shower rigged up with it. However, it’s generally not as comfortable or convenient. The curtain has to be inside the tub all the way around instead of just on one side. Water is still more likely to splash out than with a built-in tub and shower combination. If people in the household usually take baths instead of showers, this may not be an issue.

If routine showering is indeed desirable, the remodeling project might include having tile placed all around the tub on the floor and walls. Now the area is fully protected from water splashes.

Concluding Thoughts

Once these concerns have been addressed, the homeowners who truly want this luxurious bathtub are ready to purchase one. The products are available in many designs and sizes, allowing people to style the bathroom just as they prefer.