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Meet the Seven Most Popular Pop Stars Today

A popular genre among the young today is pop music. Pop music rules today compared to other music genres. Today, we see new artists that have come out in recent years with their unique songs and talents that have made waves among music lovers. Below are seven of the biggest pop stars that you will see today.

Here are four female pop stars that are making waves in the music scene today.

There are many reasons why Ariana Grande is making headlines these days. She has a well-received fifth album with 3 songs hitting the top 100 charts. The greatness of the beats and lyrics have made these songs very popular among pop fans. She also made news when she sued Forever 21 when they used her likeness in their ads without her permission. She has millions of Instagram followers making her the most followed female pop star.

Many people love the unique voice of Miley Cyrus. Her new ballad, “Slide Away” is based on hew recent divorce which made the news. She also starred in the most recent season of Black Mirror playing the character of Ashley O. A soundtrack and video was made by Miley and other pop singers for the new Charlie’s Angels reboot.

Lover is the 7th album of Taylor Swift which was much awaited by fans. Most of the songs in her 18 song album speaks about love. One song, “The Man” encourages women to be strong in a man’s world. If you want to know more about Taylor Swift’s tours, then visit here often.

The song “Ocean Eyes” has put writer Billie Eilish on top of the pop music scene. The song intended for dance class was soon posted in SoundCloud and a lot of major labels wanted to pick it up. Millions of people have already listened to the song. Her music video on the song also became very popular. She has the latest album which has many hits and a #1 song entitled “Bad Guy.”

Here are three of the top male pop stars today.

With 13 songs reaching Billboard Top 100 chart, Shawn Mendes is undeniably the top male pop star today. One of the songs, “Senorita” sang with Camila Cabello event spent time in #1 spot.

With the soulful, diverse voice of Khalid, it is no wonder that he is among the top pop artists today. His only album American Teen is a collection of pop songs that describe life as a teenager. He has done much collaboration with other known artists.

Another rising pop star is Post Malong. Of the 44 songs on the Billboard Top 100, 3 have made it to the #1 spot. One of his songs entitled “Sunflower” got featured in the newest Spiderman movie.

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